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Yerba Mate (pronounced "yerba mahtay") is a medicinal and cultural drink of ancient origins. Introduced to the world by the Guarani Indians of South America, Mate contains ingredients that help keep its drinkers healthy and energetic. More than a drink, Yerba Mate has become a cultural phenomenon throughout South America. Its benefits are obvious. In Buenos Aires, where people carry their Mate with them throughout the day, the site of an obese person is rare. Click on the menu items to the left to find out if Mate could be for you.


Argentina Recipes - El Mate 

Mate's Incredible Benefits:
Argentina Recipes - Yerba MateEnergize The Body
Stimulate Mental Alertness
Aid Weight Loss
Cleanse The Colon
Gentle Diuretic
Accelerate Healing Process
Relieve Stress
Calm Allergies
Fortify Immune System
Increase Longevity

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