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Top Ten Cookbooks...continued...

6. Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making A wonderful collection of recipes with history and techniques of sauce making. A great source for classical and modern techniques. A complete and detailed guide to great sauce making.


7. Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking If you had to have one book that covered techniques and essentials of Italian cooking this is the one. It is a handbook to basic Italian cuisine. Wonderful authentic recipes for any Italian meal.

8. Williams Sonoma Complete Entertaining Cookbook From start to finish a great guide to successful entertaining. Great tips on flower arranging, napkin folding, and table setting. Recipes for all occasions.

9. Betty Crocker's Cooky Book The best cookie book ever. Family favorites, holiday classics and even fancy for the experienced baker. Over 450 great recipes for all cooks.

10. Seductions of Rice: A Cookbook Great information and travel memoirs and great photographs. Recipes from many countries including Italy, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Thailand, India, China and Spain. A great source of history and tradition.


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