Chef Cynthia Lehr's Top 10 Cynthia Lehr, Chef and owner of Destiny Inn - Bar and Grille chooses the top 10 books of the month...

1. Food Lover's Companion, The (Barron's Cooking Guide) 3rd Edition
This reference guide helps any cook understand terms, techniques and history of over 6,000 items. Over 650 pages packed with information.

2. The Professional Chef, 8th Edition
This book includes essential information on nutrition, food and kitchen safety, and tools and ingredients, as well as more than 640 classic and contemporary recipes. A college textbook for any chef.

3. How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food
Over 1,000 simple and easy to read recipes. Full of food trivia, information about buying cookware and ingredients. Covering all foods imaginable with step by step instructions how to prepare and serve.

4. Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition - 2006
A must have for every household. A recipe dictionary covering every essential recipe for any cook. A great first cookbook for any aspiring cook.

5. The New Food Lover's Companion
The new fourth edition has a wealth of information for any cook. The new edition includes hundreds of cooking tips, recommended cookbooks and other food-related literature. 6,700 new recipes and cooking tips.

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Family Cookbooks
A cookbook that can be used with the entire family, where even children can be involved.

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Cooking Diaries
Chef Cynthia Lehr chronicles her 12 year culinary career with some of her best recipes.

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Cooking Dictionary
Researched by our Team, this book includes every possible culinary term...A must have for cooks of all levels of expertise.

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Best Recipes
A compilation of recipes that will awaken the Chef in everyone. All recipes where chosen from 1,000s by our in-house Chefs.

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Everything you need in order to build your own cooking library is here. Chef Cynthia Lehr has done all the work for you!

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